Serenity By Zenia

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Thoughts on Thoughts

For this blog site title I compared my thoughts to shadows in the fog. If I were in Idaho, I could say my thoughts are as clear as the air on a crisp, wintery morning. If I were still in Arizona, I could say they are as substantial as the granite spears that jut up from the desert floor. But no, I'm on the Washington coast and, in the winter, after the fifteenth or sixteenth day of rain, my mind starts to fog over, as do the tree-covered hills, and sandy shores.

My first year here I was depressed. Now, I take my vitamin D and relish the moody, murky dawn and the rhythm of rain. These mornings are the best times to write, when everyone is asleep and it's quiet except for the tapping on the roof. I go to my computer, cup of tea in hand, and sit down, close my eyes, and let the fog roll through my mind.

Others must agree that this is a good place to write. Some of my favorite authors compose their novels here. And, did I mention? Watery winter mornings are also an excellent time to sit down with a good book.

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